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Richard Sikora is a mind-reading entertainer based in the south-west of the United Kingdom.

Showcasing his talents at parties, weddings and corporate functions, Richard Sikora’s mind-reading entertainment will be a guaranteed hit at any event.

He truly has to be seen to be believed…

…and you will believe.

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“A mesmerising blend of magic and psychology”

Forget all you know about magicians and magical entertainment and let Richard Sikora show you what is possible using nothing but the untapped powers of the human mind.

Richard Sikora's style of mind-reading entertainment will leave you and your guests stunned, amazed and (most importantly) unforgettably entertained. Using a combination of psychological and mental techniques, Richard’s mind reading entertainment will force you to re-evaluate everything you thought was possible.

Performing at private parties, weddings and corporate events all over the UK.

‘Jaguar Land Rover’

Product Launches

‘Deer Park Country House’

Corporate Events

‘The Grosvenor Hotels’

Weddings / Functions

‘Mercure Rougemont Hotel’

Weddings / Functions

‘Mercure Southgate Hotel’

Events / Functions

“Performing at events across the United Kingdom”

Richard Sikora lives in Exeter, Devon but travels all over the UK providing professional mind-reading entertainment at a wide range of events.

Corporate events, weddings, trade shows and private parties; any event will benefit from Richard’s fun and unique style of entertainment.

He will engage with and amaze your guests before, during and after your celebration, between tables at your wedding dinner, or even by providing a fun and interactive way to promote your products and ideas at trade shows and other events.

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